Mission 2013 - Day Two - New Arrivals (June 22)

Well Day 2 has come and gone and we are super tired but grateful everyone has arrived for the first two legs and we don't have to go to the airport till Tuesday to pick up Dalton our last baseball coach. The second group made it in and the only trouble is that Rachel's personal luggage did not make it to Croatia and when we went to take her tags to the baggage claim they have no record of it leaving Houston, so it could be that it is in the lost and found in Houston. We will keep checking and please pray that the luggage would make its way here. If not we are prepared to go and buy her some new clothes to make it through her 2 week stay! Her attitude about it is incredible and she was a witness to Barbara, Shannon's friend the librarian, when she couldn't believe Rachel was not upset about not having her bags. Rachel's response was that all things happen for a reason and that she knew God was in control.

The Storks played their game against the second place team and got beat so they are now in second place. They were on a five game winning streak and it was sad to see them not win but they will bounce back the next game which is next Sunday!

We had a huge meal after the game and spent some time talking with everyone. Everyone was glad to see Chris and Rusty back as well as Rachel and were happy to meet Garett who is the young man who use to play baseball in college prior to an accident that has left him in a wheel chair for the past 5 years. He is great and is really fitting in with the mission team as well as with the Storks. He has a wonderful testimony and will be sharing that on Tuesday evening! Janko actually built a cement "drive in" ramp before any of us arrived so that he could have easy access to the house. 

We are getting ready for the camp that starts on Monday and are planning on some practices with the cadets early on Monday and Tuesday. Want to really work on their fundamentals and give them some baseball pants and jerseys, which for many will be the first one they have ever received.

Getting ready for bed and appreciate everyone's prayers and support! We are excited about church in the morning and going to encourage and share with our Croatian brothers and sisters! Blessings to each of you!

God loves you and so do !!