Croatia 2013 - Day 8

Hello Folks,
Our God is an awesome God and he continues to amaze me every single day. When I think it can’t get any better than the day before, he just goes and proves me wrong. Today was no different and although today didn’t have the mass impact as in days past it still was an incredible day of new beginnings and victories. The first observation was God is using our two youngest ladies to impact the girls of Croatia. Rachel and Erin have made many new friends and to watch them spend time one on one with these girls just learning the language and laughing and having fun is incredible to watch. Rachel has invited one of her new friends Carla to church on Sunday and she agreed to go! I have invited the Storks and many of them have agreed to go so we will see how many show up. I am going to be preaching so I am very excited about the opportunity to pour into their hearts God’s love and truth through his word!
Shannon and the crew continue to impress the library workers and the children. Brandon gave the talk today on Boy Scouts and camping and for their craft they made s'mores! Those were a hit and they had even more children come and participate in the activities. We are blessed to have this opportunity to go into a public library and share and love on these kids. Next week we go into another children’s library in town and look forward to doing the same there.
Pray for Shannon and her friendship with Barbara. Barbara continues to hang out with her and asks her some great faith based questions. We are praying she will come to church on Sunday as well. Pray for Shannon as this friendship deepens and she has the opportunity to share with her more. Rusty has developed and wonderful relationship with the two young men who want to start a business and he has spent much time with them and that has really been an encouragement to them. They are both believers and to have an older man come alongside them and mentor them has been extremely encouraging.
The camp went well both in the morning and the afternoon. They are improving daily and they are so anxious to learn. Many of the campers who have been here in the past are wearing hats or jerseys they won in the Texas carnival in years past. It is neat to see Texas Baseball Academy shirts or major league jersey and hats being proudly worn. Those are such a big hit and we are ready to enjoy the carnival on Saturday evening. All the kids are asking when it is and are excited to participate.
Lastly, I had the opportunity to go and visit with the former Stork, Marko, who is now the Vice Mayor of Sisak! He took me into his office and we talked awhile about his life and my life, asking about family and sharing what is going on in our paths of life. He shared with me his desire to make a difference in this city and that he has at least 4 years to do it! He showed me around the entire city hall and even took me into the Mayor’s office. She was in a meeting so I didn’t get to meet her but I took a few pictures of standing in her office. This was an incredible experience and to see how God has now given us an opportunity to share his truth and Christ’s love at the highest city levels is mind boggling. I invited him to church and he told me would come so I am looking forward to him coming.
To close I would ask for prayer for my preaching on Sunday and ask God to give me the power, strength and love to use my words to share his truth! Have a wonderful God filled day and thanks for your support and interest in what is happening here in Croatia!
Blessings, David