Croatia 2013 - Day 4 & 5

The past day and a half has gone by in a flurry and I only hope I can remember most of it. 

For starters going up to Zagreb to watch the Bears play made them very happy and gave us the opportunity to come and show our support and prayerfully God's love through our coming! They got beat but it was good to see them play hard and encourage one another!

We left the game and made it barely in time for Dalton's plane. We picked him up and he had his luggage so we were good to go. We headed back home packed up some equipment and changed clothes and then headed to The Nest to go practice with the cadets. That was an incredible time and they worked very hard. It was so encouraging to see the new kids come to play with enthusiasm and a desire to learn. There is some real talent on the team and with everyone's eagerness they will all improve. We really need to develop some pitchers so we will work hard on that tomorrow! After the cadets we practiced hard with the Storks and their comments were they hadn't practiced that hard since we were down here last year. It is sad that they don't have a coach who knows the game and knows how to run practices. That is my prayer some day to have a coach who would be here to help them get better and to encourage them daily.

After the practice we went and ate dinner and then several mission team members took the leftovers to the gypsy village. The first set of people didn't accept it but there were some boys there that did! Just trying to love on these people by loving them where they are and prayerfully they will ask why. Our desire is to go share the gospel there some evening while passing out shirts! These people need to feel love.

We are excited to be here and look forward to all that God has planned for tomorrow. Practice, camp, library presentation and adult rehabilitation center. I told you earlier it was tonight but it is scheduled for tomorrow night. This will be our second visit there and looking for opportunities to share. They made gospel bracelets and key chains last time and that gave Shannon the team ways to explain them and share the gospel in the process.

Please keep us in your prayers and all we have going on and thanks for your support. We have our whole crew here until the football crew comes in on Sunday. Take care and God bless!

Hey Folks,
I forgot to tell you that Rusty went to Zagreb with two young men he has been mentoring the last two years. He set them up to meet with a business man in Zagreb and seems to have really went well. I will give you more details as Rusty fills me in and let you know how it went. Rusty is a great addition to the team and really is making some great contacts in the country to help young men to succeed in business and leave HiS PRINT where he goes!