Update July 21 - Final Day in Croatia

Saturday, July 21

Hard to believe that today marks exactly a month since we left to come to Croatia. Early in the morning we finished separating all the gear. On the paper work that was on several boxes the estimated time of arrival said May 27th!!  Frustrating but it arrived in God’s perfect timing.
Dino from the football team in Split, the Sea Wolves, will be to Janko’s on Monday to pick up all of their stuff. Shannon separated out the library books and things to take to them and to the nursing home. We will have to wait until next year to take the orphanage all of their gifts and games. I took the Storks their equipment and shoes as well. The rest of the stuff we stored up at Janko’s to wait for our return next summer to do carnival and crafts and the many different areas. The for sure thing is that we will not need to collect as many hats, jersey’s and other prizes for next year!  Around 10:00 we headed to field to say our good byes to the Storks. They were heading to Verasdin for their first game of the best of 7 series for third place. We said many tearful goodbyes and got several hugs from all of. They have touched a special place in all of our hearts.
The Croatian team played at 3 and got beat by Lithuania to finish in second place.They fought hard and it would have been incredible for them to finish in first but second was great and just having the opportunity to have the tournament at the NEST was exciting! The chance and opportunity to meet many players and coaches from other countrys to share the gospel with and to make new connections and friendships was a blessing. Poland and Slovenia asked about camps for next year and we discussed staying in touch over the year so we could plan some things. I told them we would love to come and do the camps but that we would always be about sharing the love of Christ first and foremost and the Slovenian coaches made the comment they could see that was what we were about. This is exactly what God had laid on my heart before coming here this year, to not be surprised if we are asked to come and do an additional 4 camps. Well with Slovenia, Poland and the camp in Split and Sisak, that is exactly what we will be doing!
I cannot thank each of you enough for all the help you have provided and the support is fantastic. We could never accomplish all we have without it and will need more in the future! We travel back tomorrow, Sunday and all of us are ready to return home to family! A month is a long time but doing God’s work with his love and through his power has been an experience I will never forget. All the angles Satan tried to use to dampen our spirits and take our joy was everywhere.  He wouldn’t let loose because he knew we were making grounds on hearts he would lose forever! Take care and have a wonderful God filled day! Our steps, HIS PRINT!