Here are some pictures to help those of us on this side of the 'pond' to see what is happening in Croatia!
Igor Roksa - nice play!
Safe!  Josip Coric
Mario pitching at the Stork's play-off game
Elvis catching
Stefan Birac
Bean Bag Toss
Ring Toss

Football Throw
Shooting Gallery - with Bethany Moore & David Moss
Sisak Fred!
Ice Cream!!!
Working the baseball field (that's Elvis mowing!)
The pile of dirt is now moved, and the area is open for parking & activities
The Stork's Field House & Batting Cage
The site of the new Outfield Stage - now dug, filled & ready to build
The pile of dirt that is now moved to the side of the property
SOS Village Orphanage

Janko's House

Shannon with a poster advertising our Reading Program