June 27 Notes from Rusty

Thoughts from Rusty.... Catholic Church Charities

As I approached planning for my Croatia trip, I gave myself several objectives.  I accomplished one of these objectives today.  

I reached out to one of the Catholic charities in Sisak.  My Aunt Ruth (from Pearland) is a Catholic who contributed to our mission trip this year and wanted to do more for the Catholic churches in Sisak.  I met with Father Branko today (sp?) and explained how several Catholic families in Houston and Pearland wanted to contribute to God's work in Sisak.  My aunt's group wants to do more in the future to help the youth, unemployed and needy in Sisak by contributing to specific causes as suggested by Sisak's Catholic churches.  This will be a new effort for us, but I am faithful & hopeful that this new source of funds can assist with God's outreach.  I believe that new opportunities will come from this effort, and I will let you all know how this turns out.  Stay tuned!