June 21, 2012 in Flight Message

From David while en route to Croatia...

Croatia Mission 2012 - June 21.  We're heading to Croatia for our 7th trip.  We go to "Love 'em where they are, and love 'em 'till they ask why!"

This is year #7, and through the years we have plowed a lot of soil, removed a lot of rocks, and planted a lot of seeds.  We've watered a lot of those seeds, and we've even seen a few fruits of that labor being harvested.  Our prayer this year is that through all of the dedication of serving Him and reflecting His love, we will see a bountiful harvest where the baskets are filled to capacity and lives will be changed by open and responsive minds and receptive hearts.  

We feel God is busy preparing new rooms for many in His heavenly mansion. Please pray along with us that our hearts, action and words will continue to reflect Christ as more will begin to ask "Why."  God has grown this ministry in so many ways, and has opened so many doors to share him.  

I feel his presence, and His strength goes with us.  I sit here on this plane flying over the Atlantic ocean 6,000 miles to Sisak, Croatia feeling stronger than I have ever before.  Knowing this mission is being bathed in prayer by so many is a comfort that surpasses all doubts, deceptions or destructive forces that have - and will continue- to try to destroy our witness.  Because of those prayers, we will sustain and continue to reflect Him.  We will be His light in making Him more significant than ourselves.  Continue to pray for our strength to be in Him by allowing us to lean on His holy spirit, to lead us and help us exemplify a heart of grace, a mind faith, an attitude of gratitude and a behavior of flexibility.  Through that example and with that mindset we will allow the Holy Spirit to use us in mighty ways.

We go, 21 of us physically to Croatia, but with over 300 people actively praying.  We have an ARMY behind us.  Thanks for joining us, and please know that without your support we would not march as strong.

I got off to the airport after a short time of prayer at Fellowship Bible Church.  We had about 20 come and pray with us - that was a real blessing.  We have started every year off with a prayer time, and it gives me such a comfort.  We made it to the airport with no problems - all of the luggage was under weight or right on the button.  That was a relief!  Shannon, Marty and I are the only ones in the first leg, so the organization was much easier. 

I could never pull this mission off without my super special sister Shannon! What a huge blessing she is, and the burden she is taking on has relieved me in so many ways.  Thank you God for her and her heart to serve.  She has grown so much, and really has a heart to serve God in Croatia. 

Watch out, Croatia!  The first of many waves is going to wash upon your shores, with God's depth of love that overwhelms and transforms.

Thank you, Jesus!